Why Us


To become well-known, the most complete photography & videography equipments service. Trustworthy through fast & excellent service.


- Provision of the newest, high quality, and various photography and videography equipment.

- Sincere and heart warming service to every customer.

- Ability to be solution to every customer.

- To be a pleasant working place to every employee.


Profesional / Professional

Having capability to proportionally think, act, and behave according to work demand. Having capability to separate personal needs and working needs.

Inovatif / Innovative

Having multitude ways of thinking to solve every work demand and flexibility to do tasks.

Jujur / Honest

Free deceit and untruthfulness, be responsible to any mistake at work, willingness to receive critic and advice as positive feedback.

Andal / Reliable

Be trustworthy, competent, and alert in every tasks.

Ramah / Friendly

Be kind to others, willingness to help sincerely, respectful to self and other people.